In the media: Autophagy, APOE4 and amyloid alternatives

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Had your curiosity piqued by our recent autophagy articles? Learn even more about this essential cellular process over at LEAF science!

Human trials of NMN, the NAD precursor found to slow aging in mice via sirtuin activation, begin this month. Cosmos goes in depth here.

Disappointing therapeutics based on the amyloid hypothesis have led Alzheimer’s researchers to explore alternatives, including targeting neuroinflammation, epigenetic alterations and lasers. Meanwhile, with nowhere else to turn, carriers of AD-associated APOE4 scour the internet and trade tips for fighting the disease on their own.

Read about wunderkind and anti-aging funder Laura Deming’s remarkable path from Cynthia Kenyon’s lab to Longevity Fund in this interview from TechCrunch.





Tegan McCaslin

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