What’s new in media and industry: Laura Deming’s intro to longevity, and more

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Just getting started around here, or want to introduce someone new to the world of longevity science? This handy primer from Laura Deming (of Longevity Fund) might be just what the doctor ordered.

Ring in the new year with retrospectives of 2017 from Fight Aging! and the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, then start looking forward to 2018 with the Top 20 predictions for stem cells and regenerative medicine from the Knoepfler lab.

How can we make the currently sluggish drug pipeline faster? The answer to this and more can be found in LEAF’s recent interview with James Peyer.

Check out these five tips from the discoverer of telomeres, Elizabeth Blackburn, on how to slow down your body’s aging.

Why was scientific and popular interest in longevity so curiously absent between the 1930s and the 1990s?

It seems that, largely thanks to the efforts of the longevity community, the World Health Organization will now have healthy aging on its policy agenda!

Aubrey de Grey speculates on why the effective altruism movement has overlooked anti-aging interventions, the points out the problems with early approaches to research in the field, and much more in this talk at Google.

Tegan McCaslin

Tegan is Geroscience's lead editor, and writes on a variety of topics--mainly science, medicine, and humans--here and elsewhere on the web.