What’s new in media and industry: Who’s who in longevity, and more

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Here’s our handpicked selection of the best interviews, blog posts, popular articles, and breaking biotech news of the last two weeks:

Want a systematic overview of every organization chipping away at human aging right now? Then you’ll love this nearly 800-page report from the Biogerontology Research Foundation. Put it in your queue for bedtime reading.

Who would have thought that crypto millionaires and transhumanists would get along so well? Ok, probably most people. The founder of Ethereum just donated a hefty sum to the SENS Foundation.

This interview with USC researcher Valter Longo is a handy reference if you’re cooking up a pro-longevity diet for yourself.

On the topic of diet and nutrients, see LEAF’s look at four nutrient sensing pathways and their effects on the aging process, part of their ongoing Hallmarks of Aging series. (We have one of those as well!)

Here’s a cool talk from Michael West of AgeX on their iPSCs, including how lab-created “brown fat” could be used to combat obesity (at the 10:45 mark).

Why are there so few cell or gene therapies on the market? Partly, for the same reason that any new therapy would be scarce: development and approval take forever. But new regulations in the EU may make the process a bit easier. For a closer look into the approval process (although on the US side this time), see this article.

Elena Milova urges caution and care if you’re beginning self-experimentation with longevity therapies. Josh Mitteldorf suggests you take a bunch of drugs at once and see what happens. (Note to the lazy: Not really. Go read his post, or stick with one drug at a time.)

Could we get the anti-aging benefits of reprogramming cells, except without actually reprogramming them?

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