James Peyer: “The 21st century will be defined by our struggle against the diseases of aging.”

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“At what age would you like to get Alzheimer’s?”

This was the question posed by venture capitalist, former stem cell biologist and Geroscience co-founder James Peyer at TEDxStuttgart last week.¬†Peyer became a devotee and champion of the anti-aging movement early in his life, and over his career he’s watched the field mature from a collection of small, isolated factions into a global movement of researchers, startups and advocates chasing a goal that looks more attainable every year.

So where exactly are we on that timeline? Peyer presents a sweeping overview of where we are and where we’re going in this engaging 18 minute talk:

Prefer text? Reason over at Fight Aging! has helpfully gone to the trouble of posting a transcript of the talk, which you can read here.

Tegan McCaslin

Tegan is Geroscience's lead editor, and writes on a variety of topics--mainly science, medicine, and humans--here and elsewhere on the web.