In the media: Telomeres, translation, and treatment

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“All of this time I had been thinking about telomere maintenance in terms of the minuscule cellular molecular structures that they are, and the genes that control telomeres. When Elissa posed her question, however, I suddenly saw telomeres in a whole new light. I saw how they impacted the lives of real people.” More of Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn here.

Hot tips from Buck Institute researchers John Newman and Victoria Tang on how to “Be Your Own Geriatrician”. If one of them sounds familiar, it may be because of his recent work on ketogenic diets!

Siddhartha Mukherjee is surprised to find a common root for two seemingly unrelated diseases of aging, heart disease and cancer, and a bridging of the worlds of “exterminator” and “poisoner” in this lovely piece for the New York Times.

Liked our post on genomic instability? Check out LEAF’s article!

If you’re in need of a couple of books to add to your reading queue, consider two books fresh off the press that are making the rounds of the longevity community. The first is a book long on biological detail, but with a heart of gold (or cash, anyway). The second has a little for everyone–historians, policy wonks, amateur philosophers, and the scientifically curious–and might be a good starting place for anyone looking to dive a little deeper into the momentum behind this growing movement.



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